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Picture it- (no, not Sicily, 1923!)

  • Your social media manager is going on maternity leave. What now?! 
  • You’d love to turn your daughter’s softball tournament in Florida into a real family vacation, but feel like you can’t leave the day-to-day business operations long enough to enjoy yourself. 
  • You’re trying to repeat a launch from last year but can’t remember what you did when you did it, or where anything is.
  • You’re growing and scaling and want to bring on a new team member, but have no idea how to effectively onboard someone. 

I’ve got your solution to all of these problems, and more. The secret to onboarding, launching, and taking a REAL vacation is simple- SOPs!

What are SOPs?

This stands for Standard Operating Procedures, and it’s a breakdown of who does what and when, and where everything is located! With one comprehensive manual, anyone in your business can take a task and run with it! 

No more wasting time looking for materials from your last launch, or wondering where your Instagram story templates are. Everything is in one place and waiting for you and your team.